Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

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the latest humble bundle has been available for a few days, and as of now you still have just over 9 days to pick up frozen synapse and trauma for whatever price you decide on (and help out a couple charities at the same time)!  if the price you decide on is above the average (currently $4.66) you also get the humble frozenbyte bundle, which includes trine (a great game), shadowgrounds, shadowgrounds: survivor, jack claw (unfinished prototype), and splot (not yet available).
of these games i've played trine all the way through (i still intend to go back and get all the achievements) and shadowgrounds for a handful of levels.  trine was good enough that if you don't yet have it i recommend paying at least $5 just for that game, and this bundle will allow you to do that and also pick up a handful of other games with it!
trauma was added to the bundle the day after the bundle became available, and there's a bit of a tradition of adding games to these bundles after the fact, so there may even be more coming.

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