Humble Indie Bundle 6

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Seems pretty neat, I already own Torchlight and Dustforce but these bundles are usually worth the bucks anyway.

#3 Posted by RTSlord (1202 posts) -

already own torchlight, but i bought it all for 5.50 anyway

#4 Posted by dungbootle (2428 posts) -

It's a steal just for Torchlight I'd say

#5 Posted by Ben_H (3515 posts) -

Bought just for S.P.A.Z

#6 Posted by Mesoian (1574 posts) -

Bought it for Rochard, because I own everything else in this bundle.

Worth it just for DustForce and it's soundtrack though.

#7 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

This time, nary a game I would want that I don't already own. Except maybe S.P.A.Z.

#8 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1076 posts) -

Noice! Got this mainly for Torchlight ...and charity.

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Just bought rochard like three days ago, but I picked up the bundle for 6 bucks anyway. Dustforce, Shatter, and SPAZ are worth it.

#10 Posted by Ducksworth (662 posts) -

Still on the fence. Nothing in there that really gets me interested but I've heard good things about Dustforce and Torchlight.

#11 Posted by Fattony12000 (7680 posts) -

God damn Bundles, so Humble!

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Ah whatever. I'll cave. Question though, I want to buy a few extra copies to gift but I'm not sure to whom. Do I just have them sent to my e-mail and send the person the key?

Edit: Nevermind. Just saw the little checkbox.

#13 Posted by Opus (147 posts) -

Shatter is phenomenal, I played it nonstop when it released long ago, the soundtrack alone makes the bundle well worth it, so make sure you hit that music tab and get the album.

I'm in it for Vessel and Dustforce though, this is the first I've ever heard of them. Though apparently they've been around for a while. I'll have to check back tomorrow for the Mac version of Vessel though, it seems like a game that you would have on your laptop during downtime.

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I buy all humble indie bundles and this one seemed great even though I already own Shatter and Torchlight

#15 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

Gettin' It!

#16 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3948 posts) -

Torchlight is the only game I have on here. Pretty great deal I'ma pick this up for sure.

#17 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

Thanks for the heads up. I already have Torchlight but the other games are pretty interestIng.

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At £3.30 I can'T complain, but if I had waited a day and bought this before buying Torchlight 2 (with 1 free) Yesterday I would have had a free TL1 copy!

Edit: turns out after the maintenance I got a free copy!

#19 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Got it mainly for Vessel. Already have SPAZ, but that's it. Also curious if Torchlight is as good as people make it out to be.
When activating on Steam, it seems that it tries to download the Torchlight Editor, which is an additional 1.8GB. So if your internet sucks, be sure and "remove local content" on it from the Tools list to cancel it.

#20 Posted by iAmJohn (6138 posts) -

I own Torchlight and none of these games. Hell yes I'm so in.

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Really wanted Dustforce. I kept waiting for it to drop in price during the last big Steam sale and it never did.

I'd like to give Shatter, Rochard and Vessel a shot also.

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I already got Torchlight, but a) it's a terrible Polish translation and b) it ain't Steam-bound, so it's okay. I don't own none of the other games and they'll probably add 3 other games after a week, so it's a steal anyway.

#23 Posted by project343 (2852 posts) -

@AndrewB: Totally worth it just for SPAZ. That game is weird and great.

#24 Posted by Anund (962 posts) -

Bought the bundle for $10 but I doubt I will ever touch any of the games, I just like the concept.

#25 Posted by glyn (390 posts) -

Polished / discounted turds

#26 Posted by BoG (5387 posts) -

Well, I want three of those games. I feel like a loser, but I'll give a minimum to get them. I was generous before, so I deserve to be stingy. Right?

#27 Posted by ozzdog12 (890 posts) -

$7.50 cant beat it for that

#28 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12487 posts) -

At this point I've realized that I will never actually play most of the indie games that come in these bundles. This is probably no exception. SPAZ is alright, a bit repetitive. I've never been particularly fond of Torchlight. The rest are probably puzzle platformers?

#29 Posted by Silver-Streak (1445 posts) -

This may be one of the best bundles to date, in my opinion. Ah-proved.

#30 Posted by Opus (147 posts) -

@BoG: I usually give more as well, but I already had three of the games so I paid less for this bundle.

Remember, there are always several people out there that have no problem with paying a single cent to get the games, so you're not the one to be judged for "pinching pennies".

#31 Posted by Ducksworth (662 posts) -

Come on guys? Where's the love!? I have a shiny new bundle for the next person that wants one (PM me, message here, whatever) and it includes Dustforce.

#32 Posted by ciscoidiot (35 posts) -

Not having any of these games, I jumped all over it. Dustforce is beautiful!

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@Ducksworth: you still have the bundle? ill take it please.

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#35 Posted by Hunter5024 (6188 posts) -

The only game I know here is Torchlight, I mean I'll still buy it just cause it's cool that they do these things, but I think this is going to be another bundle I never end up playing.

#36 Posted by Ducksworth (662 posts) -

Still needs more love. I have another bundle (with Dustforce) lying around, if anyone wants it let me know.

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@Ducksworth said:

Still needs more love. I have another bundle (with Dustforce) lying around, if anyone wants it let me know.

I'll take it! Seem like great games, especially Shatter

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@Anund said:

Bought the bundle for $10 but I doubt I will ever touch any of the games, I just like the concept.

That's my problem with a lot of these Humble Bundles, at least for my personal tastes. I appreciate the effort of these indie games, but I just don't find a lot of them interesting to play.

That last bundle, though... nothing is going to top that!

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If you dont own torchlight and dont want to spend 20$ and dont own diablo 3 then this is not a bad deal

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The Humble Indie Bundles are always awesome. I already have Torchlight, but I picked this one, including Dustforce. Between Steam and stuff I got for my birthday that I still haven't played, I'm glad to have so many new things to dip into.

#41 Edited by Ducksworth (662 posts) -

Four new games have been added:

  • Gratuitous Space Battles
  • Jamestown
  • Wizorb

Unfortunately for me, I own most of these games through former bundles. Now I'm debating whether it would be better for me to pass on the games to a more needy/hoardy person or if I should sacrifice those three games to play Wizorb.

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