The new Humble Bundle has all the games.

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#51 Posted by Forcen (2110 posts) -

Looks like they overloaded gmail.

We've hit a rate limit sending to addresses, our email provider is working on it though!

— Jeffrey Rosen (@humble) May 31, 2012
#52 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

Awesome, I've only played Amnesia out of all of these. And that Superbrothers soundtrack is so good, it's the only video game soundtrack I can actually listen to outside of the game.

#53 Posted by Lumley (992 posts) -

That's such a good bundle. Of the original 4 I own 2 of them but I nearly the other 2 last week so this is still super awesome.

#54 Posted by DillonWerner (1601 posts) -

I was waiting for one of these games to go on a Steam sale, but having them ALL go on sale is simply fantastic.

#55 Edited by corruptsaves (280 posts) -

This is great, somehow the only game I've played is Psychonauts :D

Don't forget the Sword & Sworcery soundtrack as well.

#56 Edited by pyromagnestir (4376 posts) -

Hells yeah I bought this. I was thinking of buying the Bastion Soundtrack alone for 10 bucks, but now I got it for that price, and all these other games (albeit I owned 3 already, but only 1 on steam so there's that) and soundtracks! Listening to it already. Might still buy the CD version though, not sure yet.

I don't need the Psychonauts though, as I already had that for steam, so if someone tells me how to give it away and wants it I'll give it to you. (can you give away just one?) edit. Hmm... it doesn't seem you can. Aw well. Wouldn't be much good to most people looking through here anyways.

#57 Posted by phrosen (164 posts) -

@pyromagnestir: Now that they only ever give you one Steam-key any more, sadly all your duplicate copies of games fall by the wayside.

#58 Posted by Ben_H (3547 posts) -

I own all of those but Amnesia. I can't say that I want to buy Amnesia at any point. Ever. I will not be getting this one.

#59 Edited by HarlequinRiot (1092 posts) -

I always feel kind of bad treating these things like a sale and not an actual charity event. On the one hand, it's getting me to donate. But on the other, I'm mainly doing it to get the game on the cheap.

EDIT: They're about to crack a million dollars. Have they ever raised that much?

#60 Posted by pyromagnestir (4376 posts) -

@phrosen: That's a bit of a bummer. Would've liked to find that extra copy of Psychonauts a nice home. Also I feel like suggesting that maybe you could edit your original post to mention the soundtracks for all the games is part of the bargain.

#61 Posted by Moncole (666 posts) -

Is someone able to do it for me? (8$) I will pay you pack in Steam games when I put money on my account.

#62 Posted by Moncole (666 posts) -

Ignor my last post.

#63 Posted by Soapy86 (2663 posts) -

I already own three of those, so I'm going to hold off and see if they add more.

#64 Posted by Goof (35 posts) -

So I'm having trouble installing/playing Bastion. I'm playing on an older Macbook Pro (yes, I know) but as far as I know it meets all the specs. Whenever I try to open the file to install it I get this error:

Operation could not be completed. ( error -1.)

I tried downloading it again a second time but still nothing. So I thought I would try the copy on Steam. I installed it in full and everything seems fine, but it still doesn't work. I'll click play, which brings up the usual "Preparing the launch Bastion" window. But then that window promptly disappears, along with my dock and my taskbar at the top. What I'm left with is just my desktop and any windows that are open. I can move my cursor, and clicking on the Steam window brings the dock back, but no game. The icon for Bastion sits on my dock and Steam seems to think that the game is running (it says 16 minutes played on Bastion on my Steam ID).

For some reason the game just won't come up. I've check Steam forums... some guy has the same issue but no response. I emailed the Humble Bundle crew but they still haven't gotten back to me.

Sorry for the long post. Any ideas?

#65 Posted by Blackout62 (1468 posts) -

Wait a second with the exception of Bastion all those games enclose themselves in a veil of psychoanalyticism. Limbo is possibly all a coma dream, Amnesia is about going crazy and the other two are heavily dependent on the psychological statements of Carl Jung.

It's The Humble Jungian Bundle!

#66 Posted by Soapy86 (2663 posts) -

@SockemJetpack said:

Big money! Big prizes! I love it!

#67 Posted by SockemJetpack (420 posts) -

@Soapy86 said:

@SockemJetpack said:

Big money! Big prizes! I love it!

In retrospect I should of used the Robocop/Smash TV-ism "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

#68 Posted by Natedogg2 (475 posts) -

I'm a little sad, since I already own all of those games besides Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery. I still might pick it up just to get that game and the soundtracks though.

#69 Posted by phrosen (164 posts) -

There's more games, just letting everyone know. I also updated the first post.

#70 Posted by BeachThunder (12991 posts) -

Yup, I still already have all of those games...

#71 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5013 posts) -

That's a sick selection. Unfortunately the only two I don't own are Psychonauts, which I'm not particularly interested in, and Sword & Sorcery, and I have no interest in that whatsoever. The other games are great though, apart from Braid.

#72 Posted by CodeHero (139 posts) -

Damn I bought the bundle a few days ago. Then I noticed brain and super meat boy were on sale on Steam, so I bought those. Now I see if I had just waited I wouldn't have needed to pay extra.

#73 Posted by HarlequinRiot (1092 posts) -

Happy they added Lone Survivor, I was interested in checking that out.

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