Warner Bros. Humble Bundle Out Now to November 19

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According to a (now deleted) Facebook post from the Scribblenauts Unlimited page (which Joystiq has reported on) there will likely be a Warner Bros. Humble Bundle on the way which, according to said post, includes Scribblenauts Unlimited and five other WB Games.

Not sure if this will be a main bundle (which tend to last for two weeks and add a couple of new games in the second week) or a weekly one (which means it won't be up until Thursday at the earliest) but it's implied that it might be coming today since the Facebook post mentioned you could pick it up "now," though obviously the post was premature.

Edit: It's available now on the Humble Bundle website. Pay what you want for Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY, Fear 2 and 3, and LotR: War in the North, or pay above the average price for all that and Scribblenauts Unlimited and Arkham City GOTY. This runs until November 19th.

There's a possibility that, since this is a two week deal, there will be a couple more games added in a week for those that pay the $6 for everything, so keep that in mind.

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Count me in. If they give Scribblenauts Unmasked as a bonus, even if it has a minimum price (like they've been doing recently), I'll pick it up for sure. I love me some Scribblenauts, and I can only imagine that playing them on PC is the superior experience.

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great looking out @smtdante89, Warner bundle is up now.

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Very cool!

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Maybe people will play War of the North and I could get into some multiplayer!

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Just bought it. Will be giving out the games I dont want on the upcoming stream (so the shitty games!)

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@theht: If anyone is up for LOTR/Fear 3 Co-op just let me know! Steam ID is "Fraggle"

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I own the BTA games so I paid a dollar for War of the North because why not?

Edit: didn't realize the average was so low at first so I went back and added to it in case they add another game later.

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The avg price is currently 4.33 to get all 6 games. Of course this may change, but it's not 6$ yet.

Anyway, ya. I got it to have the first Arkham game on my PC (already have it for 360 which I no longer have) but now I'll get to check out Scribblenauts.

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The avg price is currently 4.33 to get all 6 games. Of course this may change, but it's not 6$ yet.

Whoops, you're right. I'm used to the weekly sales where it's usually fixed to $6 for everything. I edited the original post to reflect that you just need to pay more than the average.

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Lovely, picked this up, thanks!

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1.Bruce Wayne (definitely not batman) $2,100

holy shit
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This is a pretty sweet deal. Arkham city is a great game and I never got the chance to play Asylum. I was also curious about LOTR so I'll have to give that a shot now.

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"There's a possibility that, since this is a two week deal, there will be a couple more games added in a week"

I wonder what those could be. Smaller games maybe, as the value of the bundle is pretty high now.

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Between this and the EA bundle, I'm starting to have a pretty good back-up of stuff that I bought for the consoles in my Steam library. Backwards compatibility be damned!

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For those who like HIB due to them offering DRM-free downloads, it should be noted that all the games come as Steam Keys ONLY.

For $5 I wonder if it's worth playing both Batman games over again.

Probably not.

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It's a good deal but the only thing that l would really want out of that bundle is War in the North.

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Great deal. Good luck Have batman.

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They usually add more games to the main bundle by the second week, but they also have a little thing on the screen that says "hey, more games are going to get added." They don't have that this time around, so they may not?

If they DID do that, the only stuff I can think of from WB that they could include would be Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, Bastion, and some of the LEGO games.

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