'Hundreds' is the Haute Couture of Video Games

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'Hundreds' is the Haute Couture of Video Games (Ian Bogost)

Not sure if serious, but made me laugh anyway. I'm pretty sure it's satirical judging by these quotes:

The iPhone might be a device one can use on the toilet, but Hundreds certainly isn't a game one would play there. Do players of Hundreds even need to use the toilet?

It's a game for men with blonde stubble and square chins and herringbone trousers. It's a game for women with perfect skin and long, thin fingers.

Switching to your iPad might make things easier (you do have an iPad, don't you?).

For despite its claims to inclusiveness, modern design works best when it's exclusionary and pretentious, when it speaks without saying anything but just by being there. Realizing such a feat for video games, a medium so much more popular than it is cool, is an accomplishment. That the creators of Hundreds may not know they did it is a secret that you and I can smirk about silently while we play it.

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I'm pretty sure this article is linked in Patrick's latest Worth Reading, but no this guy is being serious.

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Yes, he is serious, he has a point, and he's spot on about the worst parts of indie games.

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I'm not even sure what he's saying.

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"A web search will reveal that, yes, there are some players who have gone to the trouble of identifying each cipher encryption method and then decoded each cipher by means of a laborious data-entry interface the game provides. But no true player of Hundreds would bother. This busywork is beneath them."

Funny, since it actually is nonsensical busywork; so I suppose identifying something and not having OCD makes one a gourmet (though being a gourmet requires having OCD). More and more elaborate phones are largely useless and just a brilliant method to make people waste money, while I don't spite Apple/other companies for doing so it is still fairly amusing to me.

Patrick definitely had a bit of the tone of superiority for his progression in Hundreds relative to the other staff, even if it was masked in some joking fashion.

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