Is Anyone Ever At Peace With Monsters?

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This is my 4th time completing this quest.

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Looks rad! :D

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I hope it's good.

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@groin said:
" This is my 4th time completing this quest. "
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I Hate developer diaries like this.

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Monster Madness!

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#7 Posted by RVonE (4980 posts) -
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Oh great, another Hunted video ...

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The one interesting thing about all these cuts to pictures of the developers is how old most of them are.  This is like the Space Cowboys of game design.

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basically, her head is on a staff.

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Well, I hope Peggy was 18, otherwise, Peggy who, am I right?

Oh wait.

Also, pen to chin @ :43 = deep thinkin' yo.

The staff is the final boss.
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I love random waist high walls.

It totally belongs in a fantasy setting.
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I really can't judge if this game is gonna be good or not. Definitely one I'd like to see some reviews on before deciding on trying it out.

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@DiGiTaL_SiN@drew327 New intern.
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Why would you wanna be a spider? Everyone would try to squash you then.

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@Meatsim said:
" Why would you wanna be a spider? Everyone would try to squash you then. "
Or they'd be dreadfully scared of you.  Like Brad.
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#19 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

I want this to be good.

 I want this to be good.
 I want this to be good.
 I want this to be good.
 I want this to be good.
 I want this to be good. 
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#20 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

Nearly all of this games developer diaries would of explained just as much without the talking. Game has traditional fantasy creatures with weak spots - done.

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Yo, we got all kinds of crazy shit in this game like spider enemies and a level creator.

It's a third person fantasy action game based on a new IP with a story that I'm assuming is totally incomprehensible.

These "dev diaries" are silly. I get that they are totally behind their project, and that's great, but these guys kind of come off as being oblivious to how derivative all of their mechanics and aesthetics are.

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@ghostNPC: @ghostNPC:  Me too, the more of these I watch the less, I want to play this game. Doh.
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Hahaha! Man, I agree with almost everybody's comments so far! You guys stole the words out of my mouth.

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I think it looks like great fun for two people to play together.

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I have a feeling this game might actually be pretty good, it definately has potential. If it has a decent story and the gamelay feels good, i'll probably play through it.
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Gears of Monster War

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I'm not a big fan of these developer type trailers where they tell you how their game feels. Re-wording things to make it sound more than it is eg. You feel the energy rush through you as you slay countless hordes of intelligent beasts in a magical world - translate - You hit things with your sword. It's the whole P. Molyneux syndrome thing, dont like it at all. As for how the game looks, it kinda reminded me of Wolverine Origins except in a fantasy realm. Time will tell i guess

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#29 Posted by RsistncE (4498 posts) -

Half naked elf chicks. Really? Not that I'm complaining, the game looks decent, could be a good crawler/hack'n'slash to play before Diablo 3 comes out later on this year (hopefully).

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they really going with that voice acting then...?? i kinda thought it was a joke the first time i heard the main guys voice in the first trailer 

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@MarkM said:
" I get that they are totally behind their project, and that's great, but these guys kind of come off as being oblivious to how derivative all of their mechanics and aesthetics are. "
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If the story is fun and the two characters have good on screen chemistry then I might play this game because the action alone doesn't look compelling enough to warrant a purchase. I wish these games went for a different visual style when using the UE3 since this game doesn't look good.

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My nephew and I are going to enjoy this game a lot

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Wargar = Drow

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Nice to see that there will be minotaurs in this game. I think they're some of the most badass "classic" fantasy creatures out there.

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Even though they are wildly different environments, Cursed Crusade looks like a more enjoyable co-op action game right me, at least.  I just don't see much in this that screams "play me over everything else you have".

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 I see they using the cutting edge technology, mo-crap. This game is creatively void, minotaurs and fighting staffs, fuck off.

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"Somehow, they got perverted."  I can relate to this game.

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Seriously stop trying to hype your glorified Gears of War mod.

It looks like shit.

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Living underneath the city, I think the Wargar got tired of being
shit on by the so-called "Good Guys".

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he is not really a monster but ally originally. he drank evil water called 'sleg'. it's captured your soul, turned yourself as demon.  (spoiler). final boss is him. you know, woman who sometimes pops out of nowhere, and tells you some story, and what you have to do? she is a wife or girlfriend or something. he killed her because of sleg. so if you drink evil water (there are two chances you could drink it), your end will be very bad. you will see.

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