Another US only beta code

#1 Posted by the_red_mage (169 posts) -


have fun guys ... living in europe still sucks ;)

#2 Posted by deathfury (492 posts) -

Sweet! Thanks a bunch duder.

#3 Posted by the_red_mage (169 posts) -

@deathfury: You're welcome!

#4 Posted by Shoobs (31 posts) -

To not make another thread for this: 9G9GF-PY76K-9FRKR-HK299-9RCVZ

There ya go!

#5 Posted by agoss792 (7 posts) -

Thank you for the code!

#6 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

If you go to Gamespot they're handing codes out if you really want one.

#7 Posted by wafflez (545 posts) -

Got one from gamespot, then got an email with one.  Heres the extra in a non-bot friendly format. 

#8 Posted by drGiggless (225 posts) -
#9 Posted by Musou (344 posts) -

I have a brazillian account on Xbox live and got a (supposedly) american code to "work". I downloaded the game on an american account and then just launched it from my brazillian account. Btw, I got my code directly from 5th Cell by registering on

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