Hey Variants dont do this

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So at the start of the season the variants had a pretty significant lead in terms of dark matter,but then we pretty much threw that all away when we sticked around north america after we had the +5 dark matter bonus and took alot of areas which only granted us only 1 dark matter.While the Paladins got a head start in europe and well now they got the bonus,but we are still for some ungodly reason still taking territories there which a complete waste of time after we have almost reached 100 dark matter.What every Variant should be doing if they actually want to the win the season,is taking taking south america since we already have so much of it and if we get the bonus we will be at about 95 dark matter and then we can just take whatever.

But really some of the blame can be set at how hotzones work,an xp bonus is cool and it hurries conflics in 1 area,but it often focuses people in an area that can tacticly dumb for their faction.It is also entirely possible that Paladins are just better then us and im just pissy.

But whatever fuck you guys even if we lose we get a sick paper bag hat so really not that big a deal.

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I really think the main problem was the hotzones. I really wish some more tactical people were able to set them, a way to direct the attacks of the people who are less tactical. We could put them all in South America and still win this season.

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N.O. Saints all the way!

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