Scribblenauts Developer Reveals XBLA Shooter Hybrid

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#51 Posted by TehFlan (1954 posts) -
Evolution doesn't disprove God.
#52 Posted by Creigz (197 posts) -

Looks decent. Valves source engine is well known by many, so this will get abused to the point where people will do ridiculous things, like the bunny hop or equivalent to surf. Should be great fun!

#53 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -
@Nedemis said:
" @Scooper said:
" "God didn't create God, man did." "
nope, nice try though. "
Uh, no. Scooper is right.
#54 Posted by ffdthree (204 posts) -
@Coombs:  I wasn't arguing that.....I never stated my side. I am the opposite of religious. You have nothing to prove to me! :P
#55 Posted by Diachron (102 posts) -

Gears of Hybrid?

Still, I'd love to see what 5th Cell does with a shooter.

(Source is an acquired taste methinks.)

#56 Posted by nikopeters (92 posts) -

This looks RADICAL!

#57 Posted by lucas_kelly (780 posts) -
@Nedemis said:
" @Scooper said:
" "God didn't create God, man did." "
nope, nice try though. "
Nice try at what?
#58 Posted by swamplord666 (1815 posts) -

types "sentient cyborg kitten launcher"... 
it's super effective!

#59 Posted by Aut0n (42 posts) -

Seems neat, I really like the look of that character.

#60 Posted by SynOne (10 posts) -

Love the Engine. Love the concept. Love the storyline. Overall LOVE IT!!!! 
This is going on my watch list :)

#61 Posted by Bucketdeth (8234 posts) -

Anything on a PSN release?

#62 Posted by MaddProdigy (1074 posts) -

Anything that says it's going to shake up the FPS genre is already worth some attention from me. Count me interested

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