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Originally founded in December of 1999 by current CEO Denis Potentier. Before working on video games the original team developed a pen and paper survival horror RPG entitled 'Zombies'. The company is most known for their development of the Obscure Franchise which includes Obscure, Obscure II which was published in the United States as Obscure: The Aftermath.

Their other work includes both the Wii and PS2 versions of Alone in the Dark. The company is currently working on a version of the popular board game Dungeon Twister for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo DS

Hydravision has closed on Sep 29th 2012 after going bankrupt. The last known game in development (2012) was a spin-off of the famous Obscure survival horror game. The game, Obscure D, was intended for XBLA,PSN and Steam.

As mentioned above they were developing Obscure D, however, it is now officially cancelled and the series has ended.

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