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 Hydrofool is the follow up to Sweevo's World again featuring the character of Sweevo (Self Willed Extreme Environment Organism). This time he has to clean up a giant aquarium known as Deathbowl.
  The game requires you to move around the multi layered isometric world in order to find the plugs that must be pulled in order to completely drain the water from the highly contaminated Deathworld. Since Sweevo himself is a robot he slowly rusts as he moves around and will lose a life if he rusts up completely. To stop this he must find oil cans spotted around the levels. There are also many enemies in the levels which will kill Sweevo if he touches them.
  In order to pull the plugs puzzles had to be solved by using objects found dotted around the levels. There are also weapons in order to fight off the monsters, some of which also have items Sweevo needs but the weapons do have limited ammo so care must be taken not to run out completely.

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