Not a bad game...

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So I have just tried about an hours of Hydrophobia Prophecy (HP) on the PS3 after getting it free on PSN+. The game has a lot going for it and I would love to see a Quick Look. Yes there are many things you could critic the game on but there are also some good ideas going on here. I would recommend it to anyone that has PSN+ to get it whilst it is free and give it a go.

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I bought this on sale off Steam at some point during the summer. Played it for about an hour, however my PC was having major problems keeping the framerate up, so I gave up. Looks cool though.

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@Vivek: The game is full of tiny little problems and missed opportunities, but I enjoyed the hell out out of it!

One of the only games I can say that I really dug into the premise, and the water stressed me out so damn much.

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The premise is cool but the implementation lets it down, as the story is too truncated and the shooting leaves a bit to be desired.

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I really liked it too, mostly because it's very similar to Uncharted in a lot of ways (lots of platforming mixed with shooting dudes with similar controls, and wtf supernatural elements near the end) but it really seemed like an incomplete game when I played it on PC. Seemed like there was a lot of stuff they wanted to do with the characters and story but just sort of left out, like iirc there was supposed to be a big emphasis on how Kate is actually scared to death of water and some back-story there. None of which they actually get to.

I originally played it on PC and just from playing it about 20 minutes on the PS3 I can already see subtle changes, which is a bonus.

BTW OP, the game is only about 3-4 hours long which is surprising and slightly disappointing. But still, a fun game.

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I came close to buying it on XBLA but then I read that it had a cliffhanger ending, so I decided not to.

Not sure if they would get to make a second one.

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@bibamatt: I meant a new QL for Prophecy.

Glad to see people enjoying the game too, and I totally agree with the issues too. I really liked the cover system and found it made getting around a room in cover nice and smooth.

@clstirens: The water stresses me out too (in a good way).

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They already quick looked it at least once, possibly twice (for some reason I'm remembering two, but it could just be all the talk around this games multiple remakes). This game needs no more coverage- the developers are bullies and I will continue to not support their behavior at the release of the game originally. I don't forget things like that.

I would say more but since I will not play it I can't make comments about it. The game doesn't really need more coverage though.

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@Crixaliz said: 

I came close to buying it on XBLA but then I read that it had a cliffhanger ending, so I decided not to.

Not sure if they would get to make a second one.

The release on PC (and I assume the PS3 version as well though i haven't beat it yet) does not end on a cliffhanger, but the ending is complete crap.
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They basically couldn't do any QA on the game, and the first release (which GB did a QL of) was pretty rough. They've since gone back and fixed a lot of the problems that were noted in the reviews for the game. So yeah, maybe I'll give em a chance on the PSN.

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I don't know how improved the PS3 version is, but the cleaned up 360 one was worth the $5 I paid for it. Barely. It was greatly improved from the initial release, but it was still rough. Plus I feel that while they have been polishing it, other games have come out with better water tech (From Dust and Uncharted 3) which was really the only strong part of it.

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I played a bit on PC and I thought it was alright considering I only spent 3-4 dollars on it

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