This is only $1.24 on steam right now...

#1 Posted by jking47 (1266 posts) -

I am still at work so I have not had a change to install it yet, but hey, its only a $1.24, too low not to buy it right?

Have heard a few good things about it, so I am willing to test it. If you are at all curious about the game now is the time to buy it.

#2 Posted by Plasticstars (173 posts) -

I bought it earlier. It's decent, I suppose.

#3 Posted by Sackmanjones (5145 posts) -
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NO DONT GET IT!! NO NO NO ON NO!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! I baught the original XBLA version. IT SUCKED! The update came and upgraded stuff, I replayed it....IT STILL SUCKED however ever so slightly less.! A friend bought me Hydro Prophecy for the PC. I played it IT DOSNT IMPROVE!

If anything I cant survive by laughing at the terrible dialogue mainly delivered by Scoot. In the original he was Scottish and BAAAAAAAAAD Scottish. I am Scottish and was insulted...however I could laugh my ass off.

Now he is American. Except what I am insulted by is. He was first a FAT Scotsman then turned into a HUNKY American.....................that dosnt fly son!

Also the game dosnt end. Its episodic...and they havnt made episode 2. So pointless. It ends in a completely none cliff hangar ending....yet ends...

Its bad...its realy realy bad.

Fat Scottish

Hunky American.

I call racism.

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It's now 99 cents. I still can't recommend it, but if you're curious ...

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I'm impressed that there is a game that is a difficult recommendation even after being discounted to $0.99.

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I'm impressed that there is a game that is a difficult recommendation even after being discounted to $0.99.

I got it for free (it was gifted to me), and I still didn't think it was good.

#8 Posted by Twelvegaugeslug (2 posts) -

I BOUGHT the first one on XBLA and actually enjoyed it. I hated that it ended in a cliffhanger and then the company went belly up. When I saw it was 1$ for the revamp on steam, I grabbed it instantly. Really liking it again so far. The re-do received much higher scores from reviewers. On the user reviews on meacritic, it got 29 positive reviews, 7 mixed, and 11 negative. So, more good than bad reviews. Id give it a go for 1$ for sure. The most id pay though would be 10$ tops. Its a one time play through really. But it has a decent story (enough to keep you moving along, putting pieces together) decent voice acting on the lead characters part (the new supporting character, "scoot" didnt do so well IMO) good looking graphics (and the water is very good), and pretty good controls and gameplay. I say, get it!

#9 Posted by DarthOrange (4089 posts) -

It seems like this game is always crazy cheap on all systems. I have it on my PS3 and have yet to try it out. Maybe some day....

#10 Posted by ThunderSlash (2171 posts) -

You might as well pony up the extra 40 or so cents and grab Legendary instead. At least that game made Giant Bomb history as the first and best/most awkward quick look ever produced. THREE WAY FIGHTS DAWG!

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