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Hydrophobia Review 2

Hydrophobia (X.B.L.A.)   Developer: Dark Energy Digital, Ltd. Publisher: Xbox LIVE Arcade Systems: XBOX 360 Genre: Action Adventure Rating: Mature Score: 6/10 Recommendation: Wait for a price drop. Pros: + Very natural controls + Interesting story + Wonderful water effects + Enjoyable puzzles + MAVI + 2D and 3D maps + Versatility within LP4 weapon + Wonderful atmosphere + Challenge room Cons: - For the explanation of the ship’s size and grandeur (Queen of The World), the game feels a lit...

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Something new in the water 0

  Hydrophobia is a new $15 third person shooter / parkour game built on a revolutionary new water physics engine.   The dynamic water physics implemented in Hydrophobia is unlike anything I have seen in any other game involving interaction with water.   From the way that the buoyancy changes with water level, to the realistic flow as a large volume of water is transferred from one space to another, to the impact it has on the character and other flotsam and jetsam caught up in it to the puzzle...

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Urine in the water! 1

   Be prepared to not be scared. I had some interest in playing Dark Energy Digital’s debut Xbox Live Arcade game Hydrophobia thanks to the very interesting water effects that dominate the playing field and what can be done within this seemingly dynamic environment. After three years in development and the first episode now playable, the game’s attempt at making a third-person adventure game in a claustrophobic ship flooded by water is ultimately lackluster. Thanks to terrorists attack...

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Hydrophobia -- Red Barrels, Red Barrels Everywhere... 0

 Screen gets redder as you near death? Check. As the “To Be Continued” screen fades out at the end of Hydrophobia – yes, it's that kind of ending – I have very mixed feelings about the abruptness of the ending. Clearly, the game's cliffhanger ending doesn't bother to even try to give the player a sense of closure, and that's subject to much scrutiny. But I'm also a little relieved, because around almost every corner of Hydrophobia's flooded and metallic hallways I felt like I'd been set up then...

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Hydrophobia Review 0

- Craig H.  The first game in Microsoft’s “Game Feast” line-up is Hydrophobia. While the game may seem new to most gamers it has been in development for years. The game was originally slated to be a disc based release in March 2009, but was redesigned into an episodic downloadable title. In most cases this would seem like a downgrade in quality but the downloadable route fits the game better and is worth the asking price.In Hydrophobia you play as Kate Wilson, a ship engineer, who is in the wron...

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Hydrophobia Review 0

Hydrophobia is a game in which you play a female hacker/swimmer who will have to get to the bottom of the mystery of what is going on on a very large boat as its sinking, and mercenaries are now patrolling the halls. In this XBOX Live Arcade game you definitely see a game that could have easily been a boxed game, but for the price of the game, you're getting a hell of a steal. To be honest this is basically a graphics engine technical demo of what it can do with water effects, but in the end it ...

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Absolute garbage 2

 I have no idea what happened to Hydrophobia. On paper, Dark Energy Digital's survival adventure game has all the qualities a creative and exciting game would contain. The game pits you in a claustrophobic environment combating against a terrorist threat, utilizing unique gameplay mechanics. While Hydrophobia's premise might make you think it's some hidden gem, every individual aspect of the gameplay is underdeveloped to the point that enjoying this game is impossible. The game takes plac...

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To find the truth, you’re gonna have to go in the deep end. 0

Hydrophobia is an arcade game known in it’s previews for the impressive water effects it can bring. The ability to change the terrain with water and take out enemies using good ol’ H20 is a strong point in this game, but a few control issues and story flow provide unnecessary bumps in the overall ride of this game.   Danger lurks around every wet corner in Hydrophobia Hydrophobia has been set up as an multiple game story arc, and the beginning with this one seems to be pretty though, although ...

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