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The first game to be released by Red Crest Studios, Hyper Button is a minigame collection inspired by older arcade games. The game was released for the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace on releasedate for 80 Microsoft points (the equivalent of $1.00). The game received little press attention, and garnered a moderate reception from most (criticized for its lack of depth and features).


 Clocked, one of the game's many minigames.
The core gameplay of Hyper Button revolves around completing several short minigames as quickly as possible, to gain the highest score as possible. Points are given for completing minigames quickly and without any mistakes, while points are deducted for failing a minigame or disobeying the rules of the minigame. The game's local high score leaderboard doesn't have separate data for each minigame, but rather consolidates the score of each minigame in one playthrough.


Duck For Cover

The goal in this minigame is to press the buttons that appear on a sequence of ducks in the same order that they appear from left to right. In order to finish this minigame, the player must shoot 25 ducks.

Panel Panic

In this minigame, there are five panels, four of which are arranged on each side of the fifth one. Each of the outer four is mapped to a button, and pressing that button will flip it over, revealing a picture. The goal is to match the middle panel six times.


This game, naturally, revolves around clocks. There are four on screen simultaneously. When one goes off, the player must push the correct button to turn it off. This is only done a single time, so the main factor is speed.

Running With Buttons

Two characters run onto the screen from opposite sides, each with a button labeled on them. If these buttons match, then the player must press it. If they don't match, the player does nothing. The goal here differs from previous games, whereas the goal is to not miss more than three times.

Card Trick

This is a memory game. Four cards display the buttons A, Y, B, and X. These cards are flipped over and then shuffled. A random card will be chosen, and the player will be asked what button the card is. This is only done a single time.

 Quick Draw

Quick Draw

A speed focused minigame, this depicts a man holding up a flag. Each time he holds up an actual button, the player must press it. However, he will sometimes hold up flags depicting letters that aren't actually buttons, such as F or Q. The goal is to avoid being shot by pressing the button as quickly as possible.

Tear Down This Wall

A button mashing minigame, the player must press a defined button as quickly as possible repeatedly. The button may change occasionally, so the player has to adjust quickly without hitting an incorrect button. The goal is to destroy the wall.

Button Express

This game is similar to the first minigame (Duck For Cover), where the goal is to press buttons in a sequential order. A train approaches from the right, carrying buttons. The goal is to press all of the buttons.


This minigame displays numerous buttons on screen. The goal is merely to select whichever button is displayed the most times.


Target Tennis

A machine rests in the center, firing tennis balls toward a four markers on the outer edges. Once these tennis balls pass through the markers, the player must press the equivalent button. The goal is to match 25 balls.


Three ghosts appear on screen. They flip up three cards containing buttons. The goal is to press the button that they are not holding ten times.    

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