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In HyperBlade, players controlled the members of one of several teams as it competed against the computer in a violent futuristic sport.  Mixing the skating of hockey with the ball handling of lacrosse, and taking place in a closed arena containing various obstacles, it was released at a time when 3-D polygonal graphics were big. 

The game pits two teams of 5 players against one another - 3 active players and 2 reserves.  The player can switch between the two non-goalie active players as they please, in an effort to score goals against the opposing team.  This is accomplished by holding the Rak (ball), using a sport accessory called the Jak - a long, sharp, device that is used both for offense and offensive maneuvers.  When not holding the Rak, players can attempt to injure the other team - up to and including decapitation.  

The arena also holds various obstacles such as spinning blades which must be avoided.  Movement is done via keyboard and includes elements of skateboarding, as the arena resembles a half pipe wherein players can ride railings and jump off the sides, all in an effort to score goals and avoid the other team's attempts to kill them.  

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