First English Trailer Released

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NISA has released their first trailer for the game.  It is a mirror of one of the Japanese trailers but witht eh English screenshots and the first examples of the English voice tract.  This will have both language tracts though its not known if they English tract is as full as the Japanese tract. 

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This is already out in Japan, right? What's the general consensus among Japanese and importers?

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@Icemael: Its been OK.  It sold really well compared to expectations and helped Compile Heart make a ton of money.  This wallpaper was thank you for the sales Its based on the Trinity Universe engine. and so looks a lot like that game.  Siliconera did a long review and they are over 60 hours of video on their justintv site. Some of the complaints were addressed through paid DLC (ie getting more characters).  Its unlcear whether that DLC will be free in the US and Europe or not (occasionally they are free especially when its though it really improves the game).
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@endaround: Seems like a mixed bag. A bargain bin purchase, by the looks of it.
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Ew. Gust makes games for creepers.

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@ryanwho: Its not a Gust game, its compile Heart.  Gust makes the Atelier series, like Atelier Rorona.
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I own about 130 JRPGs and none of them are as Japanese as this. Holy crap. The fact that there's even a single publisher in the world that would localize this simply astounds me (and also makes me wonder why no one ever localized 7th Dragon -- I mean, if Sega has no problem giving a game starring a personification of a non-existing Sega console to NIS America, surely they could've just given 7th Dragon to Atlus, no?)
Even if the game is fundamentally flawed (which I'm sure it is seeing as it's an Idea Factory/Compile Heart game and basically just a reskinned version of Trinity Universe), I simply must have this in my collection. It's very much a product of the times (there's just no way this game would've been created 10 years ago in a pre-Moe/Mecha Musume/Strike Witches world) and should serve as a nice reminder of what anime was once like 10 years from now (and why I stopped watching it).

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