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One of several provided patterns.

I Am A Teacher: Super Mario no Sweater is a Nintendo-developed sweater-designing application for the Famicom Disk System. Created in conjunction with Japanese company Royal Industries, users could design their own Super Mario Bros-themed sweaters and tweak several variables for the clothing based on their body's specifications. The designs could then be sent to Royal Industries, where they would create the sweaters based on the saved dimensions for a fee, with the final wearable product eventually sent back in the mail.

Design Process

The inspection screen where users can choose which part to examine more thoroughly.

The user side of the sweater-creation process begins after they reach the title screen and are immediately told to switch sides on the disk in order to continue. From there, they can pick one of fifteen patterns to work with, which range from various Mario poses to a Starman to Goombas. Body measurements are then entered according to preset ranges. After a brief loading time in order to load the design according to the customized specifications, the user can proceed inspect a pixelated version of the final product according to the sweater's different components. If everything is up to snuff, it can be saved right on the disk; otherwise the user is free to go back and tweak things further as they please.

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