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A Boy and His...Well Just the Boy Actually 1

If I may start of by stating the obvious: Ubisoft Shanghai’s I Am Alive is not for everyone, but it is by no means a bad game. In fact, for the most part, it does what it sets out to do incredibly well. I Am Alive takes place in the city of Haventon after some ambiguous apocalyptic event has left the world as you know it in ruins. Buildings have collapsed, there are huge chasms in the ground, and the streets are choked with a thick dust that not only blocks out sunlight but can also kill you if ...

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Just wanted to show this game some love 9

Let me start of by saying, i'm a terrible writer and i will most likely not be able to properly convey my experience with this game. But i still i felt this game deserved me at least putting in the effort.I know this game has been under some heavy criticism since it's release, and even tough i have seen people giving their favor to it Brads score just made me a bit sad. I can clearly see how this game is the anti-Brad of games. It doesn't take kindly to bad decisions or poor execution and it ver...

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Feels like only half a game 2

This is a game is a game I've been looking forward to since I first heard about it back in 2008. It was a survival-horror genre game with a few slight twists that showed a lot of potential, so when I heard it was coming out on XBLA, I admit I was a little deflated, especially given the development troubles. I Am Alive has been in development for over 4 years, essentially because Ubisoft out-sourced it to Darkworks (a dev company famous for making absolutely nothing of note), who apparently did s...

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An interesting game that feels like it could have been more. 0

I Am Alive was a game that I wasn't sure what to expect when going in. I remember being excited by the trailer shown way back at E3 2008. At the time, the visuals looked spectacular, and the seriousness of the whole thing seemed to have a lot of weight to it.I think a lot of what I saw in that trailer remains true in the final game, but it just doesn't feel quite as polished as I hoped it would be. The graphics look more dated than impressive, the animations are sometimes a little stiff, and the...

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Great atmosphere, great potential, IAA leaves players in the dust 0

I was torn between giving this a half star and just one star or a star and a half. Let me be honest with you - this game was enjoyable for the most part. But the storyline leaves you so high and dry and is for lack of a better word, abysmal. Worst ending of pretty much any story I've ever bothered to reach the end of, to be honest with you. The game was also limited in a lot of areas that just seemed like it would have so much potential.Let me get down to the points of what was GOOD about this g...

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Atmosphere over accessibility 0

Many bad things have already been said about “I am alive” but this game really surprised me in a good way when it comes to atmosphere and presentation.In "I am alive" the world that we know is no more. After a cataclysmic event and a series of ground shattering earthquakes the cities lie in ruins and the streets are covered in thick dust making the outside world a hazardous place. Society has collapsed and everyone fights for survival and tries to cover even the most basic needs like water, food...

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Can design overcome deficiency? 0

I am alive is a difficult game to review; namely because it is so intriguing but fails in many areas that would damn other games. The apocalypse is quickly approaching cliche but I Am Alive hits on the most important part of any apocalypse story: survival. The choices you make are genuinely difficult and I don't mean which alien you choose to sleep with. Whether it is using an item, firing a bullet, or choosing which climbing route to take there is never any room for error but all paths allow co...

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Unique ideas that push the limits of the budget experience 0

You just can't keep a good thing down. I Am Alive is a seemingly inconspicuous Xbox Live Arcade release that's had a secretly rocky past stretching all the way back to E3 2006. Yep, it's taken over half a decade for this plucky little title to finally come into my hands, and as someone who leaps on anything post-apocalyptia with joy (like some kind of rabid Slayer fanboy) I've been hotly anticipating it all these years. Does it live up to my expectations, or does it suck harder than a nuclear-po...

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My I Am Alive Review 0

In 2008 I Am Alive was first announced and I was always intrigued by the concept of the game. For many years it seemed like the game was canceled and long forgotten about by the developers. Close to the end of last year however, it seemed like I Am Alive still had some life left in it when Ubisoft announced that it was still in development and due out at years end. It did not make the end of the year, but it has finally come out and after all these years of development and changing developers, I...

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Survival at any costs 0

I am Alive has been through quite some changes ever since it's inception from about 2008. It finally arrived this year as part of Microsoft's House Party promotion for Xbox Live Arcade, but it will be making an appearance on the PlayStation 3 sometime in the future.You'll play as Adam, a man who has traveled the world and comes home to find everything changed due to the Event, a series of disasters that have crippled humanity with a flurry of earthquakes, toxic dust, and other effects, and you'l...

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