I really liked this game

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I played it earlier. It's not long and i felt it was representative of this kind of working environment. I worked in this type of incoming call centre in the summer of this year and This game totally sums up the everyday idiots who ring up expecting you to be able to deal with everything with minimal effort on their part.

Get the game here: http://www.davidsgallant.com/igtced.html

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It is well worth paying for despite being short. I paid $5 to him, just to help him out, but I felt it was worth the $5 to get that experience. I work in a library and people call to change their library cards all the time and give us the same sort of grief over security. I think I am going to have my staff play the game, just so they can see how you can handle a call without escalating.

There is something to be learned from the game other than people are jerks, because there is a level of empathy you need to have with people that just don't know how to navigate life. The customer on the phone was just clueless, not a bad person.

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@MonkeyKing1969: That is EXACTLY what I was trying to communicate. Thank you!

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