Playthrough video of I Get This Call Every Day

#1 Posted by Zvarri (123 posts) -

Giant Bomb user made a playthrough video of I Get This Call Every Day

He very thoughtfully didn't expose the whole game, but it should give you an idea of what the game is like!

#2 Posted by dagas (2950 posts) -

I work with this in real life, not going to play a game that involves it hahaha. Pretty cool that someone made a game out of it. For it to be realistic you should also have a boss coming in every other minute telling you to solve some problem for him and the printer breaking down after every paper it is printing. A bunch of people complaining in your inbox how they are not getting responses quick enough and the phones not working properly would be even more realistic.

#3 Posted by Karkarov (3373 posts) -

Haha I have thought about cutting my own video supplanting my own dialog over yours but I haven't done so yet. I hope you are making some nice money here and it helps get your name out there so you can maybe move onto a more... sane career.

#4 Posted by Zvarri (123 posts) -

@Karkarov: I actually blogged about how well it's done so far over on gamasutra. TL;DR - Not making enough to quit my day job, sales spiked but have petered down, it did waaaaaaaaaay better than my wildest imaginings. A great start.

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