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 I Spy Treasure Hunt is a photo-hunt game that takes place in a "spooky" mansion. It was created in 1999 by Scholastic. The gameplay consists of clicking on certain places to start a photo-hunt. A poem is shown at the bottom of the screen, and a voice will narrate the poem (for children who can't read). Then you must search for the objects and click on them once you have found them. When an object is clicked on, it performs an animation to show it has been found, and a jingle plays. Sometimes you will have to click and drag an object to another area.  Once all the objects in the poem have been found, an object will move to reveal a puzzle piece. You must find all these and put them all together to reach the end of the game. There is also a side game where you find certain objects around the house to make ghosts in a laboratory, which results in some wacky fun animations.

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