Do you wanna be the Guy?

#1 Posted by Deusoma (3001 posts) -
#2 Posted by Animasta (14648 posts) -

who doesn't?

#3 Posted by cjmabry (485 posts) -

F that game lol. I don't ever wanna have anything to do with the guy ever again...

#4 Posted by Mesoian (1572 posts) -

No. Saw a playthrough of that game once.

#5 Posted by buzz_clik (6914 posts) -
#6 Posted by Animasta (14648 posts) -
@Mesoian said:
" No. Saw a playthrough of that game once. "
it's actually fairly easy once you get the hang of it and die 10 times on any single obstacle.
well, there is ONE thing; the fucking spike passage D:
#7 Posted by Entus (253 posts) -

I already became the guy.

#8 Posted by GlenTennis (3144 posts) -
@buzz_clik said:
" Stop it. "
Also no.
#9 Posted by Romination (2775 posts) -

But I'm running a Mac. If only he would port it over...

#10 Posted by Gamer_152 (14051 posts) -

I played the demo of the game, I by no means wish to live through the hell that is becoming the guy.

#11 Edited by EuanDewar (4758 posts) -

I want to be A guy but I dont want to be THE guy.
#12 Posted by Redbullet685 (6025 posts) -

I can't vote because the links to the other Whiskey Media sites are on the top of the page and not the bottom. :(
I do want to be the guy, though.

#13 Posted by President_Barackbar (3434 posts) -

I don't just wanna be the guy, I wanna be the guy the movie the game!

#14 Posted by JackSukeru (5903 posts) -

I used to. But not anymore.

#15 Posted by ViciousReiven (818 posts) -

I die more in the game due to the controls not always responding than I do by my own fault, I'd actually be able to finish it otherwise.

#16 Posted by jkz (4003 posts) -

I love IWBTG. I still play it from time-to-time.

#17 Posted by CptChiken (1987 posts) -

Ive done it, im the guy... but i no longer wish to be the guy :(  
Also fuck his warp zone in Super meat boy... FUCK IT!

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