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Ian Malkovich is the younger brother of Adam Malkovich. Like his brother, he served as a soldier in the Galactic Federation Army. He was also close friends with Samus Aran. During an attempted rescue mission on board a vessel in danger of exploding, Ian frantically worked to help the people on board until it was too late. Adam, in command of the mission, ordered that the rescue ship abort and pull away in order to spare as many lives as possible. Unfortunately, this also meant leaving his brother to die.

Samus emotionally argued for Adam to send her in to rescue Ian under her own belief that she could do it. Adam refused to concede to her pleas, and in the end, Ian was killed. Though Samus would later rationalize that rescuing Ian would have been impossible and that Adam was right to do what he did, the experience created a rift between her and Adam and led to her leaving the Galactic Federation Army.

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