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The 9 year old protagonist.


One of the first characters that Ib meets after she gets lost.


A girl that Garry and Ib meet on their journey, they first think that she is another lost visitor but they soon find out that she is not human.

Mom and Dad

The parents of Ib.


The woman in red

These enemies make their first appearance in the museum prior to getting lost. A man is studying her and tells Ib that he wishes she is real. Upon getting lost and going deeper into the museum the girl in red breaks out of her painting and crawls on the ground, chasing Ib. Different colour variations exist, blue, green, and yellow.

Headless statues

These statues occasionally move and chase the player. Like the girl in red, they wear different coloured dresses.

Mannequin heads

While not having a form of attack, these heads will usually appear behind the player when they are not looking, not unlike the Mannequins in Condemned 2.


The dolls, who are usually found when Garry is in control, have two variants. The tiny ones which are numerous and the large ones which are seen in key moments. The larger dolls can be seen blocking areas.



The symbolise the heart and are used as a life gauge in Ib. Most flowers have 5 petals whereas some flowers can have more, such as Garry's which have 10.


Putting in a vase will restore all of its petals. A standard vase will only last until you put a flower in it, in which case the water inside then disappears and you can no longer use it. A can be used an unlimited number of times.

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