Super secret password?

#1 Posted by UncleGramps (41 posts) -

I played all the way through the game and really enjoyed it. The text on the game's site mentions a "super secret password" hidden in the game. I tried a bunch of stuff but couldn't figure it out. Anyone else have any luck with it?

#2 Posted by chessman2391 (26 posts) -

You have to decode the binary in the hacking level. It's "typetrial".

#3 Posted by UncleGramps (41 posts) -

Nice! Thanks for that! I made it through the first of the typetrial challenges. I need a break before I attempt that second one.

#4 Posted by oueddy (64 posts) -

I found the password because I've been playing fez too much and random binary text is hard to just pass up :)

In terms of the challenge, I based my head on the keyboard as few times, finally completed them and then wondered why I do this to myself

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