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Icarus' most significant appearance in a video game may be in God of War II. The protagonist, Kratos, encounters Icarus on the Isle of Creation where they are both looking for an audience with the Sisters of Fate. Icarus tells Kratos to turn back and that it is he who will meet with the sisters. In response Kratos tries to pull his wings off and in the struggle they both fall down into the island's Great Chasm. After a long fight in mid-air, Kratos manages to rip off his wings and take them for himself. After this event Kratos can use Icarus' wings as an in-game item allowing him to glide over long distances.

Nintendo's Kid Icarus series of games also bear his name and feature a protagonist with characteristics similar to Icarus, and the gams Deus Ex features an artificial intelligence cause Icarus who acts as one of the game's antagonists. The trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution featured a track called "Icarus" and briefly depicted the protagonist as Icarus, using the narrative of him flying too close to the sun as an analogy for humanity possibly destroying themselves through augmentation. There is also a North Carolina-based games developer called Icarus Studios and the third game in the Day shooter series is entitled Icarus: The Day 4.

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