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The Ick and Krick (Also known as Krick and Ick) encounter is pretty straightfoward, but involves a lot of movement. They have several AoE (Area of Effect) abilities that can be a pain if your group is not paying attention. 


  • Toxic Waste - A 40 yard spell that places a small patch of acid on the ground. It will take away 25% health every two seconds from people standing in it. It lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Mighty Kick - A knock-back kick he does on his main target, causing 150% weapon damage.
  • Shadow Bolt - Thrusts a bolt of shadow at his main target, causing 2125 - 2900 damage.
  • Pursuit - Targets a random party member, which makes the zombie Ick follow him across the battleground.
  • Pursuit Confusion - In addition to Pursuit, Ick moves 50% slower, but causes 50% (100% on Heroic) extra damage and is also immune to taunts.
  • Poison Nova - Anyone within 15 yards of this massive spell will take 12.000 damage (30.000 on Heroic) and also suffer a Damage over Time effect causing 1.500 (6.500 on Heroic) per 3 seconds over 21 seconds.
  • Explosion Barrage - Launches Arcane mines all over the battleground, targeting players.
  • Explosion Barrage - The explosive damage from the mines causes 3000 damage (6000 on Heroic)


A pretty simple encounter, just craving a lot of movement of the party. Watch out or the Toxic Waste he lays on the ground, ranged need to move from this, and if it lands on a melee or tank, the tank needs to pull the boss away from the patch. 
Explosion Barrage plants a lot of purple mines down on the ground, steadily growing. Just run away from these, constantly running between them to avoid damage. From experience, he usually does his Poison Nova straight after his Explosive Barrage, meaning you should be careful rushing back towards the boss as you might be stuck in the Poison Nova.  
Another important point is to be ready to run away when he begins casting pursuit. If the tank gets pursuited however, he can usually just stand still and take the extra damage if he is geared enough. Everyone else should kite the boss in a circle.

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