Bethesda Parent Company Purchases id Software

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#51 Posted by InsanePotato (210 posts) -

Soooooo... we'll get bethesda story and rpg elements but with a highly optimized graphics engine? I gotta tell ya, i'm excited.

Seriously though, that's a shocking and surprising announcement. id running low on cash?
#52 Posted by FCKSNAP (2337 posts) -

This is just going to bleed money everywhere.

#53 Edited by ZeroCast (1882 posts) -

This is insane, absolutely insane, this came right out of nowhere and from the looks of it, Bethesda is on to something.

#54 Posted by TheHBK (5662 posts) -

Where the fuck did that come from?  Wait, so that mean Elder Scrolls 5 will be using id tech 5, speed tree and mega texture technology comes together!

#55 Edited by FrumpyBiscuts (93 posts) -

Definately didn't see this one coming, but I am not surprised. I had no idea this was going to happen, just, I don't see why it couldn't. Maybe someday they will combine games.

Quakeenstine Rage of Doom: the Fallout of Oblivion.

#56 Posted by FlipperDesert (2135 posts) -

Calling it now, there will be Imperial guards in Rage. "Stop right there, criminal scum!"

#57 Posted by riverbelow (3 posts) -

Wow, maybe the next Fallout will actually be an FPS instead of pretending to be one, rendering me unable to cope with it.

#58 Edited by MeatSim (10994 posts) -

It's like ZeniMax is reading my mind! the RPG and the FPS are my two most favorite genres.  Also I think a Bethesda and id collaboration game would be mind blowing.

#59 Posted by KingOfIceland (673 posts) -

I can see the reasons for this acquisition, but I have to say: dude WHAT?... WH... WAAAAAT?

#60 Posted by momentarylogic (444 posts) -

OMFG this is awesome news, and a perfect fit at that. I am teeming with awe and excitement.

#61 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2877 posts) -

This is AWESOME!

#62 Posted by Aeterna (1128 posts) -

This might turn out to be awesome.

#63 Posted by Dachef (113 posts) -

Sounds sweet to me.

#64 Posted by Cerza (1678 posts) -

First I learn today that EA is merging Bioware and Mythic. Now I learn that Zenimax has purchased Id Software. How much crazier can this get???

#65 Posted by xionpunk (390 posts) -

uhhhhhh... oh mah gah

#66 Posted by SoFuLL (71 posts) -
@Snipzor said:
" @SoFuLL: Wasn't that actually Oblivion? "
Well yeah but even more hell!
#67 Posted by Sushbag (336 posts) -

It's been five years since their last game, and that game came out right around the time Half-Life 2 did, so... id is completely irrelevant now. And apparently starving for cash.

#68 Posted by Media_Master (3259 posts) -

bla bla blaaa

#69 Posted by Aaron_G (1678 posts) -

I guess this gives the company more under its belt than just Fallout and Elder Scrolls. 

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