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Back in 1997 the game was released for the PC by the Swedish developer UDS (Unique Development Studios). It was developed by less than ten people in the town Norrkoping. At one point Codemasters were interested in publishing the game and if that had went through it most certainly would have become the first Colin McRae game. But Virgin won the fight and instead it became Ignition.


The game is played from a top view perspective much like Micro Machines. The gameplay is pretty straight forward. You control the vehicles with the arrow keys and use shift to ignite a boost. When you boost it drains a boost meter and you have to wait a few seconds before you use it again.

The seven levels available each has a different theme. From the snowy “Yodel Peaks” to the night time city of “Tokyo Bullet”. There are multiple paths on most of the levels which challenges the player to find the fastest way through each map.

You can control 11 different vehicles; four of which are unlocks. Race a school bus, a police car, a monster truck and everything in between.


Four different singleplayer modes are available:
  • Championship – Lets you compete on all the maps. If you finish first you are rewarded with something. The four difficulties are: novice, amateur, pro and mirror.
  • Single Race – The name pretty much sums it up. You choose a single map and race on it.
  • Time Trail – You play without opponents and try to beat the fastest times.
  • Pursue Mode – The car that is dead last when a lap is completed explodes and can’t race anymore. It goes on until all but one car is exploded and that car is the winner.


Ignition also offers a multiplayer component. It allows you to either play it split screen or over LAN. Sadly the LAN does not work with Windows XP or Vista due to it not being developed for either of them.

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