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Not much is known about the Ikana Kingdom of Termina, just that all of its people are long dead, and that when the kingdom was defeated, their enemy cast a spell of darkness upon them, so that they would be unable to pass to the next life. As a result, the spirits of its people still wander the halls of the many ruins that dot Ikana Canyon, trapped forever, rendering it the most haunted place in Termina. It is also known that its last leader was King Igos du Ikana, who still sits upon his throne in the Ancient Castle of Ikana, ruling over what is left of his people. 
Igos du Ikana, and his two bodyguards, formerly the best swordsmen in Ikana, serve as the boss fight for the Ancient Castle of Ikana in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The dark curse is still intact all these years later, so that even if a warrior did manage to strike down Igos or either of his servants, their skeletons merely move back into proper position and begin the battle anew. The only way Link can really defeat them is to break the curse of darkness, which he naturally does with light. By smashing their bodies to pieces and then reflecting sunlight from the throne room's windows onto their skulls, Link can break the spell holding the swordsmen on this plane of existence and finally allow them to pass on. Breaking the spell on King Igos reunites the cold and distant spirit with his human emotions, which he had lost after centuries of bitterness. As thanks to Link for freeing him from his eternal suffering, King Igos teaches the young hero the ocarina song known as the Elegy of Emptiness, which would be vital in the hero's attempts to conquer Stone Tower Temple, which would be the only way to truly return light to the dark land of Ikana. 


  • Apart from reforming unless permanently destroyed with light, King Igos and his men fight almost exactly like the Stalfos warriors from Ocarina of Time, which is likely not a coincidence, given their skeletal nature.
  • Elsewhere in the quest, Link can obtain a mask made in the image of Captain Keeta, who was in life the leader of the army of Ikana, which he uses to give orders to the undead soldiers (Stalchildren) still wandering the land of Ikana. If he wears this mask when he confronts Igos, the startled undead king briefly mistakes him for the head of his army, but quickly sees through the disguise.

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