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Arguably the best shoot-em-up ever made. 0

Treasure’s Ikaruga, the follow-up to their legendary vertical shooter Radiant Silvergun, is a stunning example of the genre achieving a perfect balance between game design and design aesthetic.  Ikaruga isn’t just another shooter – it’s a work of art; the result of years of experience creating excellent games in the genre by a small handful of talented individuals (amazingly, the developer credits list only 4 people). Gameplay Basically, all the enemies in the game are broken down into two col...

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The game my seem tough as nails at first but you will soon find that the game has a great difficulty curve. Though the best part of the game is that the controls are so finely tuned that everytime you die you KNOW that its your fault and not the games. Treasures "Light and Dark" system works wonders for the game and makes even the most tricky levels a joy to play. The chain combos add further depth making it worth playing the same level over and over again to get that higher score.The only probl...

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Not for the faint of heart 0

A personal favorite of mine, Ikaruga is clearly not for the faint of heart. There was a time in my life where I thought there was no game that could best my skill and this was clearly before I played Ikaruga. The game seems simple at first. The color of your ship determines what bullets hurt you. The game is set up in a simple over the top shooter view. Everything seems run of the mill for the genre when you start the first level. However, once you progress through the five levels broken into 18...

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On the Flip Side 0

Ikaruga is completely unapologetic in its execution. Everything from its cruel and punishing difficulty to the maelstrom of fire hurling towards you, is only offset by your own skill. I would not have it any other way.Original a 2001, Japan only, arcade release, Ikaruga's unique twist on top down, 2d shooting is acclaimed as some of the best in it class. Ports also made it to the Dreamcast in 2002 and then to the Gamecube in 2003. Now it is the Xbox Live Arcade's turn to have its shot, so ...

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A classic that never gets old 0

Ahhh, shoot-em-ups. So many classics, so little re-releases. Thankfully, one of the best was recently released for XBLA, and now everyone can enjoy Ikaruga. Built as a minimalist shooter, this game is quite possibly one of the most efficiently designed games of the genre. What Ikaruga does differently from all the rest, besides stripping away all of the fluff, is use a “duality” theme to create a game where you have two different polarities of your ship, each one representing either dark or ligh...

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It's not you, it's me 0

This is an amazing game.  As a shoot 'em up it plays perfectly, and it's binary color mode mechanic is unique.  But boy is it hard.  Not difficult.  Like abusive.  Like, my gamer self esteem can only take so much.  But as I said it's executed so well there is never a moment where you feel the game is cheating you.  You just aren't good enough.  It didn't take long before I turned down all the difficulty settings, and I was still getting my butt handed to me.  The essence of the game is this.  Yo...

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Ikaruga Ikarumba 0

Developed by the mighty Treasure in 2001 Ikaruga is a top down shooter with a difference. The gameplay consists of shooting enemies who come in one of two polarities: either black (red) or white (blue). The player's ship can be either polarity, and can be switched at will. Part of the much-appreciated artistry of the game is the subtle echoing of a spiritual theme. Like its predecessor Radiant Silvergun. It is among the most successful and recognized arcade shooter ports of the 2000s and is a gr...

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ikaruga is a short game but packs quite a punch none the less. 0

ikaruga for the gamecube is an amazing, engaging, fun, simple game. the graphics still look quite fresh since it came out on arcade systems a while back. the whole game is really simple and user friendly.  and still keeps its freshness and fun. it is quite short but its a quality game none the less. the whole polarity element to it keeps it fresh and unique rather than just being a fly side to side to avoid incoming fire and button mashing to take down your enemies shooter it adds some depth to ...

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