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Iksel Jahnn is a supposed chef-in-training employee who ended up running the Suncafe Cafe's entire operations. He's a friend of Rorona and feeds her whenever she visits him in the cafe. Iksel sells food ingredients essential for synthesis and food items that serve as health replenishments in Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori.

Iksel gets into a heated cooking battle with Rorona when he finds out that Rorona's foods resulting from her synthesizes started to taste good. One day, Astrid holds a cooking battle between Iksel and Rorona with Hom serving as the tasting judge. Hom tasted Iksel's plate first and enjoyed it, but Hom ultimately judged in favor of Rorona's dish because her dish simply tasted better. Astrid then told Iksel that the secret to crafting a great dish is love. Taking Astrid's lesson to heart, Iksel cooks his food with more love and the cafe begins to become busier and popular among the Arland townsfolk.


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Iksel can be recruited to travel and battle with Rorona anything they venture outside of Arland. The player equips Iksel a frying pan as his weapon and coats/wears as clothes. He uses his frying pan to attack enemies in battle. His skills consist of stronger attacks with his frying pan and crafting food to replenish HP. Iksel will also notice a new food item when you visit a new area outside of Arland for the first time, which he'll include in one of his items to sell at the cafe.

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