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Illithids or mind flayers are humanoid aberrations with a face reminiscent of an octopus with 4 tentacles. They have formidable natural psychic powers which they can use to perform powerful telepathy. They use this psionic power to daze their foes, at which point they can either latch on to their craniums with their tentacles and extract and devour their victim's brain, or force them to become entranced thralls. They subsist on a diet of devoured brains and this also plays a role in a mind flayer's development. They are born as quad-tentacled tadpoles which after ten years are inserted into the brain of another humanoid creature. At this point the larvae devours the brain and begins to subvert the body to its own use. Within a week the original creature's features have been supplanted by that of the illithid. Illithids usually operate alone with an army of thrall and enslaved creatures to do their bidding.

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