Does this game eventually get deeper?

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For 800 MS points, this game is pretty unique; I'd be interested in giving it a shot. Thing is, 10 bucks is the same price as a few other cool XBLA games that I haven't played yet, as well as the Noble Map Pack and a number of PS3 downloadables I haven't played (specifically, Flower.) 
What I'm wondering is does this game eventually get challenging? If it does, I'd be interested in picking it up; these look like some fun puzzles I could play in between my Okami and Fable II completions.

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Great, because it's a charming game, all it needed was some substance to sway me over. Getting this.

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Some of the later levels to complete 100% do take some time to work out, plus the bonus stages are very cool with a few characters from other indie games making an  appearance. It is well worth the 800 points.

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The co-op is well worth it if you have someone at home you want to play with.

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In another topic i read its buggy!? But it looks great so i want to play it....
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I really like this game so far.
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 @uber_skedy said:

" I also grabbed the full version not long after the viral release and haven't found the bugs made it unplayable. It did freeze on me a few times but in each case it was the result of a pretty specific action - mostly trying to pick a cube up from somewhere they hadn't anticipated, or solve a puzzle in such a way it would force game assets to be left floating unconnected to the main body of the level. I hope they'll patch these things soon now that it's released properly, if they haven't already, but I really don't think they are game breaking events. Just find another solution to the puzzle. "

  Hey guys, like I said in the other thread, I really think it's worthwhile pointing out that the bugs in this game (at least in my experience) don't break it. If you are holding off buying it purely because of reports of the bugginess I think you should go ahead and get it.
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It gets pretty complicated later on yeah.
You really should pick it up. Be prepared to go "DAWWWW" a lot.

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