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Ilo and Milo are best of friends who love to meet up in the park, the problem is that they can't ever seem to remember how to meet up with one another, or perhaps its the park that is constantly changing. You or you and a friend will have to take on the different levels to help those two reunite. Along the way you'll have the chance to collect music, pictures, and memories.

Graphically this game looks top notch for an XBOX Live Arcade game. The cuteness fact is definitely present, as is the interesting choice of patchwork skin for the blocks of the level.

The music is light and playful.

The controls are simple, even though there were times where I got them mixed up and instead of picking up a block switched over to the other character. A is for picking up and X is for switching characters.

This game requires some strategy to it to collect everything in the level, it also takes some strategy to try to complete the level in the least amount of moves. From each spot you can turn your character around, and then you can move them in the direction that they are facing. There will be obstacles in your path, there will also be areas that you'll need blocks to fill gaps to get past. If you collect the bouncing little guys on each level you'll be able to unlock a couple of special levels at the end of each section. You have to complete enough levels within a section will allow you to advance into the next section. 

This game might not be for everyone. This is definitely not a game for those easily frustrated, or for those who tend to get motion sickness. If neither of those are you then I say pick up the game, you'll have fun with the park section, the underwater section, and more. This game gets an 8.1 out of 10.

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