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Ilos is an ancient Prothean world, which much like the ancient city of Troy, is only known about through secondhand sources. Previously, the planet was covered by beautiful cities. Later, it fell into decay, possibly due to the Mu Relay being knocked out by a supernova, effectively rendering the planet inaccessible.

In Mass Effect, Commander Shepard pursues Saren Arterius to Ilos in search of the Conduit, a mysterious Prothean artifact. Ilos also served as a last refuge for a few remaining Protheans after the Reapers purge on the galaxy. Here, in a science facility, Prothean survivors went into cryogenic stasis and let the VI, Virgil, take care of them. Sadly, due to a draining power supply, the plug was pulled on various cryogenic pods, starting from non-essential personnel. However, after it was deemed safe, the essential personnel were awoken, and realizing that there were not enough Protheans to repopulate, they set to work on the Conduit, and turning off the Keepers of the citadel to signal the activation of the Citadel relay, which would allow another purge by the Reapers.

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