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"This adventure involves prostitutes! Pimps! CRATES! REALISTIC PHYSICS (ish)! Black and white noir style palatable palette!"

This puzzle-adventure was created as a collaboration between indie developers Hideous and sereneworx.

The game starts out as a man trying to find and free his beloved lady (a prostitute) from the dangerous and evil man that protects her (her pimp). Armed only with wits and a professional crate-gun, the player must find their way through a Chicago in the 40s, screen by screen, towards the loved one, while rescuing any other women that the player comes across as well.

The gameplay revolves around the ability to summon crates with a gun, using them to pass obstacles and reach otherwise unattainable women. While able to summon an unlimited amount of crates, the number is recorded and factor into the highscore.

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