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In the Groove or "ITG" is the first dancing game from the company Roxor. With a very impressive songlist this became a hit in the western "Arcade dance" culture.

ITG plays almost exactly like Konamis popular dancing franchise DDR, 4 different arrows (left, up, down and right) fly up from the bottom of the screen and you have to match these arrows by pressing on the corresponding arrow on the pad with your feet. There are four different difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert and includes a numeric difficulty rating for each difficulty and song similar to the 1-10 "foot rating" in DDR. The difficulty ratings are comparable between the two franchises, except that ITG has a number of songs rated above 10, with one as high as 13.

For every arrow the player attempts to press, a judgement is given based on how exactly the input was timed. The ratings are, from bad to good:

  • Miss
  • Way off
  • Decent
  • Great
  • Excellent
  • Fantastic

After completing a song a final score is awarded in the form of a percentage, where a 100% rating is nothing but Fantastic.

Song List

Bend Your MindReflection Theory
Boogie DownInurvise
BouffMachinae Supremacy
Bubble DancerCrispy
ChangesSandy Rivera & Haze
CharleneMissing Heart
CrazyDJ Doo
Da Roots (Folk Mix)Mind Reflection
DisconnectedInspector K
Disconnected HyperInspector K
Disconnected MobiusInspector K
DJ PartyBB Hayes
Do U Love MeDJ Doo
Don't Promise MeReflection Theory
Don't Promise Me ~Happiness Mix~Reflection Theory
Dreams of PassionDax
Drifting AwayFilo Bedo
Driving Force ClassicalDigital Explosion
EuphoriaKaW feat. ☺
Fly AwayMissing Heart
Fly With MeNina
Flying HighFilo Bedo
Hand of TimeReflection Theory
Hardcore of the NorthDigital Explosion
Hip Hop JamIndiggo
HybridMachinae Supremacy
I Think I Like (That Sound)Kid Whatever
I'll Get There AnywaySammi Morelli
InfectionInspector K
Kiss Me RedCrispy
Land of the Rising SunSpacekats
Lemmings on the RunE-Rotic
Let Me Be The OneSammi Morelli
Let My Love Go BlindNina
Liquid MoonInspector K
My Favourite GameNatalie Browne
MythologyDigital Explosion
No. 1 NationAnet
Not Worth the PaperDax
On a Day like TodayObsession
PA ThemeMC Frontalot
PerfectSammi Morelli
Queen of LightMissing Heart
Remember DecemberMind Reflection
Rom-eo & Juli8Nina
TellSymphonius w/Rossini
TensionInspector K
The BeginningDJ Doo
The GameCrispy
TornNatalie Browne
Touch MeE-Rotic
Tough EnoughVanilla Ninja
Turn it onGeorgetown
Walking on FireEvolution feat. Jayn Hanna
Which MC Was ThatMC Frontalot
While Tha Rekkid SpinzDJ Zombie
Why MeDesire

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