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Japanese midfielder playmaker, Hidetoshi Nakata, will feature in the sequel to Level 5's awesome DS football RPG sim, Inazuma Eleven 2. It's unknown what the creative midfielders role in the game will be, but what has been revealed is his character art below... Some of you will know that he played for AS Roma in Serie A some years ago, and that Manchester United were at one time going to buy him until they realised he was rubbish. Nakata has since retired for professional football, he did after all make an obscene amount of money in Japan. During the Beckham phenomena he was the only Japanese produced player that fans idolized in the same way..


Really looking forward to the game now, it's easily my most wanted game on the DS, which is why I'm having both versions of the game imported in October :D 
The Separate Fire and Blizzard Fire games will both be released on October 1st in Japan.

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Makes sense - stick a superstar in your game and youre more likely to sell copies... 
I havent seen anything of the original, but I assume he'll be there as kind of a guide? or maybe as a rival...

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It is coming to the West , or at least the original is.  
I have no idea what role he plays...  It's one of the best games on DS, you don't even need to be a football fan to enjoy it really. Sadly, Level 5 have no plans to sell it offically in the West, even though in Europe it would do immensely well IMO.  
The original is perfectly playable despite the text, there are now numerous guides to help you, as well as a patch for evil do-ers. ebay may have copies if your interested.  


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