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Incarnam is composed of five territories; each territory gives the player a rundown on the basic mechanics in the game.


Incarnam - Incarnam

The very first territory the player can explore is named after the island. Here the player will meet and acquire their first pet--a slime-like creature called Gemlin. The gemlin will follow the player and cheer them on as they learn the game. There is a zaap gateway leading to The Xyts in the northeast portion of the territory.

The Xyts

The Xyts - Incarnam

Leaving the Incarnam territory, the player will arrive at the Xyts. The player's path will be blocked by a gaping hole in the middle of the road. Here the player will meet their first NPC--Pappy Pal. Pappy Pal will give the player ore and have them compress the ore in the Kama Minting Machine to create currency. In exchange for the currency, Pappy Pal will create a bridge for the player to continue their journey.


Souls' Crossing

Souls' Crossing - Incarnam

Sokay sits in the center of Souls' Crossing. Surrounding Sokay are four bulletin boards with history on the four nations that make up Wakfu--Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia. Sokay directs the player to visit Kanojedo and Crozolily Meadow to learn the basics of combat and the world's ecosystem. Sokay is also the go-to NPC to get down to the world below. Souls' Crossing is also where the player can experience his first battles by killing the Wodent's in the area.


  • Sokay


  • Wodent


Kanojedo - Incarnam

Grandmaster Kano and his three disciples--Payne Indagob, Payne Indafoot, and Payne Indabak--teaches the player about finding and using a mob's elemental weakness, dealing more damage from the side and back positions, and how to gain a battle bonuses. Completing all three lessons rewards the player with the Huss emote.


  • Grandmaster Kano
  • Payne Indagob
  • Payne Indafoot
  • Payne Indabak


  • Wodent

Crozolily Meadow

Crozolily Meadow - Incarnam

Wolfram's family teaches the player about the world's ecosystem. Wolfram introduces the player to hunting and gathering. Wolfgang shows the player can harvest from living and dead mobs for ingredients. Mimi shows by planting seeds the player can grow new mobs or just allow the mobs to procreate amongst themselves.


  • Wolfram
  • Wolfgang
  • Mimi


  • Goblette
  • Gobbette
  • Gobball

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