Don't Feel Bad Ryan & Vinny

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I will beat this game perfectly for you. I've already begun.

Please note: This is/will be a TAS (Tool-assisted Speedrun); if you don't know what that is go to I'm using an emulator for this with frame advance. I will finish the whole game.
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Great! Also, just to assure people that your not a bad person you should make it clear that you own the actual game as well.

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@Mysterysheep said:
" Great! Also, just to assure people that your not a bad person you should make it clear that you own the actual game as well. "
Of course.
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Tool assisted...tsk tsk tsk
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@SamStrife said:

" Tool assisted...tsk tsk tsk "

There's nothing wrong with that. It takes a different skill set to do a speedrun this way than a traditional one. Definitely takes more patience.
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Here's part two. We run from the giant sphere, hammer away at the stop button, kind of walk on a bar, get graded, and answer questions in .03 seconds. My favorite part is coming up. Part 3 will have the stretcher on the street. Fun time will be had. 
Edit: Someone asked me why I only got a B on the Nerd on a Wire. Well... I don't know. I tried it several times, putting the green bar in different places each time. I think it's a bug. I probably completed it too fast.

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I just started playing this game as well. I bought it used back when it was on clearance at Gamestop and figured I should play the game.

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Join me in part three where we ride down the street in a stretcher with abandon, and then give a lady a sensual "massage".
I hit barricades on purpose for entertainment. They don't slow down the counter, and they don't count against me. The only things I can't hit are the bikes, cars, and trucks. Every time I hit a barricade I temporarily lose control of the stretcher for about two or three seconds.

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I just started playing this on my psp in preparation for a long flight back from Japan tomorrow - loving it so far although my scores aren't quite as high as yours there.... Thank you Ryan for bringing this game to my attention!

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Welcome to part 4. In this episode we stop the military from destroying an alien spaceship, and then get to shore while keeping the boat from sinking. Afterwords, we switch to Taneo's wife (forever leaving Taneo behind), who must escape a bank that is being robbed, but she ends up having to help them rob the bank.
Some information from the movie's description: 

Not much to say about this part. The music acts kind of funky during Independence Bay. I'm not sure why the music glitches here. I think it's glitching, anyway. We're officially done with Taneo. Thankfully it seems like that the timers are gone. Now I can really speed run.

It took me quite a while to calculate exactly which groceries I needed to get, mainly because I wasn't expecting to have to do math all of a sudden. I actually could have saved a few frames here by doing a different route through the menu which I found after recording. I'll probably go back and change it.


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