Incredible Crisis

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I just discovered and watched a Quick Look Throwback of this old gem, Incredible Crisis. It didn't seem to be available anywhere I looked short after it came out, so I played the hell out of a demo I got with a PlayStation magazine. I'm curious, did anyone here have and play this back in the day? Was just incredibly lucky? I eventually found a copy in a video-rental that was closing and selling off their stock.

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@Penzilneck: Hell yeah I had a copy of it and to this day I regret selling it back to gamestop it was effing hard at times and I never finished it but the whole idea of the game was so great.

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I had it. Bought it used at Funcoland if I remember correctly.

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I played the hell out of the demo as well and grabbed the full game a few days after it came out for $10! I think I got it from EBgames or Walmart, can't remember. I love Incredible Crisis. The first video I watched on Giant Bomb was the Incredible Crisis Throwback video, ever since, I've had no reason to leave.

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@TheRealMoot: Sounds cool. Rarities and oddities like this are so much more special if there's a story behind how and why you own a copy.

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Hey, uh, this might be a long shot for a reply, but... I too have become smitten by the QL Throwback of this game and am trying to purchase a copy (eBay seems to have a decent collection from what I've seen). The question is, does anyone know if it will run on a full-size (non-slim) PS2?

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@punkycrisps: I belive all PS1 games run - it's a hardware emulator, the chip is inside.

So I think so. Don't quote me on that, though.

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I found this at a local pawn shop and got it for 15 bucks. Gotta love that.

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