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Solid Point and Click Gameplay 0

I played one of the Indiana Jones adventure games when it originally came out, and I recall getting stuck towards the end of the game.  Old adventure games were notorious both in producing puzzles with absolutely ridiculous solutions, and in not advancing the plot until you could come up with that ridiculous solution.  Back then, before the explosion of the Internet, the only way to move on was to either get a friend to help or call a number to get hints over the telephone.  Well, my friends wer...

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A Bit Clunky, But Still a Classic 0

Downloading this piece of my childhood from Steam was a bit of mixed bag, I'm a little sorry to admit. I went in with rose-tinted lenses remembering exciting fistfights and amazing voice-overs sandwiching some light puzzle solving. What I wound up with was a pretty equal helping of all three.The game is most definately an Indiana Jones game, opening with Indie trying to find a statue amidst a cluttered schoolhouse and moving on to, of course, have you take on the Nazis in their attempt at world ...

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