bagronken's Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (Steam) (PC) review

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One of the first crusades 

This is an early adventure game from LucasArts, and while it has that comedic charm that many, many other LucasArts games has, this is far from the perfect example of their later golden era. 
The graphics are impressive and include lots of different environments, as well as some game elements not normally found in traditional adventure games. The game will make you laugh out loud at the good parts, but also cry out  in anger at the bad. 

Varied badness 

Many puzzles are great and include some classic LucasArts gags, but many puzzles are also totally illogical where you seldom get annoyed at yourself for not thinking of the solution, but get annoyed at the game instead.
Other elements are just down to pure luck where you need to hit several correct dialogue lines in a row or end up in a cumbersome boxing game. Master it completely or you'll find yourself re-playing parts of the game over and over again as failing it leads to death.

Pros & Cons 

+ Some very funny dialogue
+ Varied environments
- Many puzzles are illogical or down to pure luck 
- Bad boxing mechanic
- Possibility to die leads to boring re-plays

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