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Indiana Jones: Greatest Adventures is a SNES game that chronicles the 3 Indiana Jones film released at the time. You play solely as Indiana Jones and your 3 main weapons are your fists, your whip, and your pistol. Your pistol is used to defeat enemies, while the whip can be used this way but can also be used as a grappling tool, for the platforming elements of the game. The first level of the game takes place in South America, 1936. It takes you through the cavern fighting the tribe Belloq sends after you in the film every now and then. You make it to the idol and the next level starts where you have to outrun the giant boulder. The second level takes place trudging through the snow in Napal. The following level has you progressing to the top of the bar which in the game has multiple floors. You have to outrun the fire while the bar begins to disentegrate. You make it to the top where you battle Toht and save Marion, and obtain the medallion from Toht who escapes. You have to go through Cario next and then the next level has you fighting a strong man on a barrel of hay in the back of a moving truck only using your fists. You then go towards the well of souls and fight the nazis who are invading cairo. You progress through a few more levels and ends the Raider's of the Lost Ark portion with a fight with Belloq who uses the Ark as his weapon. You start the Temple of Doom chapter outrunning bullets from Lao Che and his machine gun.

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