Indie Royale Is Now Live

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So I just traded my Nuclear Dawn key for Duke Nukem Forever. Am I a fool? (I would have literally never played ND)

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Wow, that bundle is worth it just for Super Crossfire in my opinion. Time for me to find some Internet moneys to buy it, I guess!

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@ErgoMeSmart: It looks pretty good but I seem to have an odd lack of motivation when it comes to playing games that aren't on steam. I'll probably end up downloading it and forgetting it is even there...

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i had to buy it or stop saying i have all of the indie bundles. i may have sort of heard of nuclear dawn before, but none of the rest. i am so behind on playing the games i buy though who knows if i'll ever play them...

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Fractal seemed kinda relaxing and fun in the Quick Look, might grab this bundle just for that.

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