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Great Game Built On a Great Concept Brougt Down By a Few Mistakes 0

Warning: This Review Contains Some Early Plot Point Spoilers From Indigo Prophecy, But Nothing from Later in the Game. The Section With Spoilers Has Been Marked.  Indigo Prophecy is a game for few people. I suppose most "gamers" will like it, but if an average Joe come and picks it up he'll probably be setting it down rather quickly. The game's premise is one of the best ever, period. The opening cutscene will intrigue you so much you'll think you'll want to keep playin...

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Indigo Prophecy: A True "Cinematic Game" 0

Indigo Prophecy is a game that not all gamers can agree upon is a definitively good game. It defies the convention set by most other games before it. It's not an action game of any sort. It isn't an RPG with spiky-haired people. Nor is it anything else that can be classified under typical gaming standards. Instead, Indigo Prophecy serves its contents as a game for the gamers who prefer being compelled over being addicted by providing numerous unorthodox things that combine to be a unique package...

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Shows promise early on, but squanders it in the second scene 0

Indigo Prophecy takes you through one of the dumbest stories ever told. The gameplay is a series of quicktime events presented as two games of simon obtrusively placed in the direct center of the screen, making it difficult to comprehend any of the events going on in the background. You will play simon to accomplish tasks such as mind-reading, or fighting aliens, angels, cops. Characters are flat and boring, and every main character is forced into awkwardly sexual situations at least twice thro...

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A flawerd Gem but a Gem nonetheless 0

Indigo Prophecy is the second game by Qantic Dream and could be described as the natural progression of the point and click adventure game.  The game follows the story of a man named Lucas Cane who suddenly loses control of his own body and murders someone in a diner, after narrowly escaping a police officer at the diner the game switches your control over to two detectives(Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles) who are investigating the murder in the diner. The key to Indigo Prophecy is how flexible th...

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This 'interactive movie' is an exciting story to unravel. 0

To begin with, it is very clear that Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy in the US and Canada) has some extremely fascinating ideas, and an innovative style of gameplay which no other game can match, or for that matter has even attempted. Overall it is a distinctly strange game, there being nothing else like really it before or since. Whilst not all of this totally fulfilling (and can occasionally be quite frustrating), it does present an interestingly different way of approaching story, themes and t...

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A very unique game experience. 0

From the makers Omikron: The Nomad Soul, one of my favorite games ever, come this truly unique and actually quite breathtaking game. With a unique gameplay design, strong music and sound, and one of the most memorable storylines I've ever seen in a game, The Indigo Prophecy is a game you must experience.You control three main characters: Lucas Kane, a man who struggles with strange premonitions and trances that eventually force him to murder a complete stranger. Carla Valenti, the police detecti...

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heavy rain prophecy 0

I recently picked this game up for two main reasons. One being that it's in the same realm as heavy rain will be, and two because I needed something to feed my need until heavy rain comes out.To start things off this game really knows how to bring the player in. I was frightened a couple times in this game just because I was so lured in by the atmosphere. Some things that I just loved about this game is that it dared to be different. It takes a new view on fighting and dealing with enemies. Inst...

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Fahrenheit Review 0

It’s an infamous story for us gamers that we’ve got that never-ending back log of games that we still need to complete, need to start or even in some instances take out of the wrapping! There’s always that onslaught of new games that we frantically buy and yet never put aside the time to play until they’ve grown several layers of dust. I am no exception to this story but with the summer bringing around a shortage of new releases, I decided I best delve into the games that I had long forgotten ab...

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Supreme storytelling. 0

Indigo Prophecy is a game that is very original in it’s own right. It’s a game that will continue to draw you into its fantastic story right until the very end and leave you feeling completely satisfied. Based upon the less popular genre of today’s gaming world, Prophecy takes the adventure style of gameplay and makes it its own, implementing other little touches along the way. It is important to note that the game has two different titles depending on where you are. In the the game is called ‘...

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Fahrenheit is something special, and a game that you should try 0

  Fahrenheit is one of those games that you don't play, you experience them. It's essentially one big, drawn-out quick-time-event that allows developer Quantic Dreams to express their vision having without gameplay mechanics impeding what is essentially an interactive movie. If a game has no true gameplay, its narrative better be really strong, and thankfully, Fahrenheit's mostly is. However, while the story only hints at super-natural subjects over the course of its first half, the seco...

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The decision element 0

This game is so much rock and roll. The most important element in this game is the decision making process. I like it so much especially this game is affected by your decisions. An example is that if you left some evidence in the cafe, the police will get so much of it. There is also an element where to use it wisely because Lucas gets questioned. He has to tell the truth otherwise the suspicion meter of that character has been questioned will go up.  Be careful what you decided and know the con...

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Why I Won't Be Playing Heavy Rain 0

 I walked away from this game with two primary thoughts: 1) The developers had some great ideas about how to push storytelling forward in video games; and 2) I'm pretty sure that someone at the developer hates me for making me play through an endless string of fetch quests and minigames. I enjoyed the story and actually wanted to push forward and see what happened next. Also, I thought that the dialogue was very good and am hopeful that more games use the conversational tone found in this game. ...

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Fahrenheit: The exciting review 0

Firstly the only difference between the North American Indigo Prophecy and Fahrenheit is the title (apparently the North American market was deemed too stupid not to confuse the game with the Michael Moore documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, which is, quite frankly ridiculous).If you are the type of person that likes mindless shoot-em up arcade style games, such as Black, Fahrenheit is probably not for you. It is an intelligent action/adventure puzzle game, with a cinematic twist (referred to by devel...

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A truly cinematic experience. 0

GREAT game. I really enjoyed the story. One of the best I ever played. Very original with a lot of depth and great dialogue, I love the mature themes. The voice acting and music are awesome. The multiple outcomes will have me playing it again very soon just to enjoy the story again. The only negative is that the graphics could've been better, The colors look bland and washed out. If only it had better lighting and maybe a better graphics engine in general, it would've been an even better game ...

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A Game With A Movie Feel To It 0

Indigo Prophecy starts off in the middle of a big mess. Lucas Kane has just committed a murder, that he had no control over. After the opening sequence you take the roll of Lucas and have numerous options of things to do. Things like inspect the body, hide the body, clean up, and other interactive things. After you're done with Lucas Kane's ordeal you take the roll of the police duo of Carlo and Tyler, the team in charge of this murder case. So you play the roles of the hunter and the hunted. T...

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Just Like Real Life, but Even More Boring... 0

Preface: I picked Indigo Prophecy up for $3 on Steam the other day, and honestly still feel a bit ripped-off, despite having heard so many good things about the game. Words like "revolutionary" and "ingenious" were frequently used while talking about the gamepla .... but personally, I had quite a different experience...  Review: Indigo Prophecy takes the standard adventure game formula and makes it infuriating by adding nonsensical, overlong quick-time sequences which serve only to distract and ...

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Feel The Pain Of Lucas 0

 Indigo Prophecy was an amazing adventure game with a bit of role playing elements mixed in it. The game's innovation lies in the fact that you can influence the directions of plot. Many games promise that user's choice will affect the plot but wont keep up. Still Indigo Prophecy does it in style. In this you play as many characters influencing the story. This was a game with amazing voice acting and atmosphere that's suitable for the mood created by game. Lucas though the main character in the ...

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The best way to spend $10, without hiring a value female escort 0

Argue all you like, but adventure games are alive and well in their present state. Even though there’s hardly room for growth, developers appear to be making adequate reparations in order to market their products. This may not be the ’Lucas Arts’ vision of success, but there are plenty that are carrying the torch proud:  Funcom, Quantic Dream, even Capcom have secured respectable Metacritic standards for the anthropomorphic ‘Zack and Wiki’. I suppose we’ll be working with Quantic Dream’s vision ...

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Crossing the Line between movies and video games 0

Indigo Prochecy is a truly amazing game. The controls feel stiff at times but the button mashing sequences are great. The best part of this game though is the story and how it gives you options to alter the outcome. Gameplay 8.7/10 - while the Resident Evil esque controls feel pretty stiff the overall gameplay is great. There are tons of ways to interact with the environment. Very similar to Shenmue's FREE system.\Graphics 9/10- When this game was released the graphics were amazing and they are ...

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How to kill a great game in the last half hour of gameplay... 0

Indigo Prophecy is a very "outside the box" gameplay experience, with a very adult, semi-interesting storyline, but is ultimately killed by overly repetitive play and one too many plot twists. The plot starts out with the player taking the controls of Lucas Kane. Lucas Kane has found himself watching his own possessed body kill a man that he has never met. It's an odd setup for a storyline and game, but it works. As Kane regains control it's surprisingly suspenseful to try and cover up the murd...

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300 Word Review - Indigo Prophecy 0

Indigo Prophecy is a paranormal thriller presented as an interactive movie. Released in 2005, Indigo Prophecy follows Lucas Kane, man whose life is turned upside down when he unwittingly murders a stranger in a New York diner, and two detectives, Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, who are investigating the murder.The game progresses using cutscenes with some quick-time events thrown in to keep the player's interest. This isn't so much a game as it is just a five hour long machinima. When you do actu...

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Periwinkle Foreshadow 0

I don't care what any haters out there may have to say about this particular game (actually, come to think of it, I don't care what any haters out there have to say about ANYTHING, period); Indigo Prophecy was astoundingly fun and original. Whatever flaws the game had were certainly picked apart and discarded by the time Heavy Rain came around.I know that these games are pretty much worthless when it comes to replay value. And I know that they can't really offer anything more than what's already...

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Game, extended interactive cutscene, or both? 0

Indigo Prophecy is a game neither ahead of it's time, nor can it be considered passe.  Taking it's design cues from a variety of sources like Metal Gear Solid, the handheld game Simon, and even the X-Files what you get with the end result is a product that successfully navigates each obstacle to deliver an action packed, emotion filled affair.  It is in the story that Indigo truly shines.  Initially taking control of the main character, Lucas, you will find yourself a murderer, unaware of what h...

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Interesting concept but nothing more than some mini games... 0

With the future release of Heavy Rain due out Q4 this year on the PS3 I felt I should give Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy a playthrough to get a feel for what to expect with Heavy Rain. First off I wanted to let it be known that I played the European release of this game titled "Fahrenheit" which includes some unnecessary scenes of nudity as well as a silly title as the game uses the Celcius system throughout the game...The game opens in the bathroom of a diner with you as Lucas Kane an IT Guy about...

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Proof that a good story matters 0

I'll be honest here: I thought The Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit for you crazy non-Americans) was going to be terrible when I first heard about the concept. No shooting? No neck breaking? My 14 year old mind couldn't comprehend the lack of actual gameplay in a videogame. So I was very suspicous about the actual quality that this game would have. Well, let's just say that this game kicks ass.The game takes the style of a Metal Gear Solid in that it feels like an interactive movie. The camera will ch...

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Welcome to Murder and Twists 0

Fahrenheit is this generation point and click game, this is a great game with a great mystery with a great story with great characters in the game and sometimes feels like a old school game. with a story revolving around murder is one i am always up for.the story in this game is great because you have 3 characters to play from and each of there stories are very interesting and its an adult story which is good and is very intresting because each time you really want to find out what happens next....

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Sorely Lacking in the "Fun" Department 0

It's easy to see why so many people like Indigo Prophecy; It's the most cinematic experience to be had with a video game. With that said, how fun would it be watching a movie while pressing button commands like pumping the L and R buttons while the dude on-screen does push-ups? How about remembering walking through a hallway while you match analog stick movements? It's about as fun as it sounds.You control three characters in the game. One is Lucas Kane, who committed a murder that he had no con...

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A game that goes all over the place 0

Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit as it's known here) is an interesting and stylish game. Its quality, however, is hugely variable throughout the game.  The use of splitscreen in many situations adds a sense of urgency and a knowledge of what's going on, and the dynamic of playing as Lucas, then as Carla and Tyler investigating what Lucas did is very interesting, as you end up following different trails of evidence and having to keep both parties happy. It's an interesting premise that, on the whol...

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