symbollic's Fahrenheit (PlayStation 2) review

A Game With A Movie Feel To It

Indigo Prophecy starts off in the middle of a big mess. Lucas Kane has just committed a murder, that he had no control over. After the opening sequence you take the roll of Lucas and have numerous options of things to do. Things like inspect the body, hide the body, clean up, and other interactive things.

After you're done with Lucas Kane's ordeal you take the roll of the police duo of Carlo and Tyler, the team in charge of this murder case. So you play the roles of the hunter and the hunted. This game is filled with amazing detail and a interesting story that will keep you playing nonstop. I beat this game my first go through in seven hours, at 93% complete. I finished it so fast because I couldn't stop playing, I wanted to know what happened, and when I stopped I kept wondering what would happen next.

To briefly summarize the plot...
Lucas Kane commits a murder which he had nothing to do with. He was basically possessed by an "Oracle" that was over the ancient Mayan sacrifices. Sound confusing? This story is very complex, it goes from A to be B pretty quickly, so if you're not paying attention you can get lost. I'm pretty sure you won't get off track with this game. There's no way to get ahead and miss certain key information. The game doesn't continue until you have enough information to continue. This game is filled with great audio as well. In game music is superb. There's also some tracks from certain artist you'll hear. Voice acting is definitely a plus of this game. Another thing this game has is interactive cut scenes. Similar to Resident Evil 4, you have a Simon says kind of interactive game to play during cut scenes, certain colors play then you duplicate. If you mess up to much you'll get hurt, and lose a life, or you'll have to start from last save. Also the game auto saves during loading screens and key points. So no worrying about power outage or annoying people cutting the game off and losing valuable time.

In conclusion this game is an excellent suspense-thriller for multi-systems. There's no reason you shouldn't enjoy this game. The story keeps you interested and the character designs are magnificent. This game has great replay value since it has multiple endings and interesting mini games between slower points of the game. If you haven't played this game, you're missing out. This game is now only twenty dollars or so, and it's completely worth it.


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