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Indy 500 is a driving game for the Atari 2600, developed by Atari. The game uses Atari's special driving controllers and has 14 different game variations.

Game variations

Race Car (4 variants)

The "Grand Prix" track.

Allows players to race on two different tracks (named the "Grand Prix" track and the "Devil's Elbow" track) in either a 2-player competetive mode or a single-player time trial mode. In the time trial modes, the player is tasked with completing as many laps as possible in 60 seconds.

Crash 'n' Score (4 variants)

This mode can be played on one of two different tracks and either alone or against a friend. In multiplayer Crash 'n' Score, a white block will appear in a random spot on the field. The first player to run over the block will score a point; the block will then move to a new location, until one player has scored 50 points. In the single-player variants, the player must score as many points (or hits) as possible in 60 seconds.

Tag (2 variants)

Much like in the real game of Tag, one car is "it." The car that is not "it" must avoid the car that is to prevent becoming "it." The player who isn't "it" will score one point every second they stay that way, until one player reaches 99 points, or 99 seconds of being not "it." Tag can be played on one of two different maps.

Ice Race (4 variants)

The Ice Race variants are remakes of the first four Race Car game variants. However, all the tracks are covered in ice, making handling the cars trickier.

Launch Game

Indy 500 was a North American launch game for the Atari 2600 on October 1977. The game launched alongside other 2600 launch titles that included:

* Air-Sea Battle

* Basic Math

* Blackjack

* Combat

* Star Ship

* Street Racer

* Surround

* Video Olympics

Nine launch games in total for the Atari 2600 near the end of the disco age.

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